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"out-achieve the others" or fail?

Hi Keith and others,

This post really reminds me of something you said, Keith, the day I was there about how our ways of schooling today are essentially creating failures as people are promised jobs and futures, if only they follow the directions, that actually don't exist.  The idea that the only way to be okay is to out-achieve others seems tied to this, and I agree it has a distinctly American feel to it!  My daughter (age 10) is conflicted because she likes to be on the swim team but didn't win any prizes.  She's not sure it's okay or possible to be part of the team without being the best on the team.  This is such a difficult place to be! And yet, I think many of us dwell there much of the time!  I agree with you that opening space for reflection and dialogue about this offers a way to manage and possibly change it.


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