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I still do not know when the cougar died?

I found this interesting and challenging at the same time. I would have been so lost without the girls helping me to do what needed to be done. But I did manage to get something out of it as the day moved on. As an educator we must try to understand what a child feels when he/she is not getting it. Today I did not get a lot of it. I was with it up to a point, although it was wonderfully presented and the facilitator was wonderful in her presentation I just did not know how to get to the result that I was hoping to find. The other thing is that I was hoping to find out when the cougar died? 


Educators must be very mindful of their students,  to try to catch when they go on shutdown. It will not be hard to spot just watch their behavior and you will know who is not engaged and who is. If students can be caught at the point of (I do not get it) before they go in to the shutdown mode then we would not lose so many student to miss behavior or just sheer boredom.  I applauded all educators that have to teach and be the class room watch person as well.  


I am that person that has to break it down so that I can understand it then I will learn the technical terms.  I so agree, break it down to the students and then teach them the technical term.



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