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Breaking up the story/Endangered Cat Species

I caught the "tail" of the cougar lesson. I sat down next-to and understood how Joyce plotted the different temperature redings through a specific time. But, as Keith pointed out, I too began to fade as we plotted negative number relationships. I'm glad Paul began the discussion about not enjoying math, and that all students could better understand mathematical concepts if the story was broken down into pieces. I think Susan's various metaphors for "slopes" is an interesting and probably effective. But I am afraid that if I break down a large concept into many various stories I may never get to the end of one subject's unit.

I plan to direct, or present a constructive science lesson to the class on Thursday. Based on what Paul suggested about breaking up the big story into parts, I will use this in my lesson. I hope that all of the participants who complete my activity will then be able to answer this question: How do all of these small parts lead to a whole?


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