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Register for Inquiry education in Science

Hi Everyone, and Paul (long time no see) -

I am Dora Wong, science librarian at Haverford College and also formerly, at Bryn Mawr College a few years back. I would like to register to attend this mini-symposium until noon, at which time I need to leave and return to my workplace, so no lunch provision is necessary for me.

In my position, I have many opportunities to interact with faculty and students in locating resources that support learning and research. These artificial divide between 'learning" and research ("doing") is what is often mentioned in library collection development principles, as though the two are separate and unconnected activities. But in fact all life-long learners know that it is not. I've been interested in the psychology and process of cognition for a while now but recently because of my own personal interest and happy coincidence of consultation with faculty and students working on curriculum reform, I feel that this has taken on a new sense of immediacy and as a result, I want to further clarify in my mind what inquiry-based learning is, how it is practised and what some of the field researchers can share in terms of classroom observations.

Best wishes and hope to see everyone on Friday,
Dora Wong


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