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Learning in the Classroom

Learning needs to be an open-ended, safe process where a student can state their ideas freely and surely, without fear of being judged.  Conversation, especially like the type we're having, is important because it allows a student to feel as if their ideas have been used by their classmates.  As a language teacher this type of interaction and conversation is especially important in giving the student a positive experience and making them feel important.  Together the class learns from experience; there should be no such thing as "error" because we are all working together and checking answers, learning together.  It is important that students feel like they want to share their ideas in a safe space. 

I am learning a lot from the Institute's conversation.  I feel like I am learning from all the teachers and I am very pleased that I feel so secure in expressing myself, especially because English is my second language, as there is no judgement here.  I can take this security and conversation back to my own classroom to use with my students. The way Paul leads a conversation is good because it takes one person's question and puts it into the context of topics that apply to everyone in the room.


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