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Final Thoughts

 With Descartain/Dickinsonian spectrum I was in the middle believing that the there is a mind, soul along with the neurons, and matter. I have not changed my mind throughout the course. Although as we described the brain there were certain subjects like the I-function and vision that are connected to what you experience and can shape your character or how you think. I think that not only is there the neurons and matter that send the signals but there's the mind that is a part of what you experience. 

With the course I will always remember the talks about vision and how the brain lies to you or fill in the blanks to make the picture in your head. Whenever I look over a paper or see some image change I think oh my brain is filling in the blanks. When looking over my Italian blogs it is very frustrating when my brain looks at a word that is spelled wrong but looks right. Or even with my other papers where mistakes are overlooked because my brain has seen them as correct. As I go throughout my day I try to figure what my reality is, what images can look different and how that may affect what I experience or think. The most important for others to be aware is the differences with our brains, how we all have different experiences, view things differently, which is a good thing. That even if someone sees something or thinks differently does not mean that their wrong. 

Three questions I would like to pursue are what happens when a person is in a transitive state or meditative state? Is the I-function turned off? What is going in the unconscious portion of the brain? I'd also like to explore emotions in more depth. I'd like to know what parts of the brain and interactions correlate with different emotions. 


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