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Final Reflections

 At the beginning of the semester, I had no idea where I was on the Descartian/Dickinsonian spectrum, but now I feel that a bit closer to the Dickinsonian view. I have learned a lot about what the brain can do and about what it can make us perceive and feel. Nevertheless, I think the fact that all of us have such an amazing organ that can do so much is something that must be caused by something greater. 

I think the I-function was the one thing that struck me as the most interesting, especially when I realized how the rest of our brain can keep information from it. I always wondered why there was an unconscious and a conscious area of the brain, and now I'm realizing how ineffective it would be if our I-function ran everything. It would be too complicated and we would end up getting confused. 

The questions that I still have are ones that we were only able to touch on at the end. I don't have three at the moment, but I do have one question that keeps popping into my head: how does brain affect culture and how does culture affect the brain? How do those two relate? If the answer to that could ever be discovered, I'd be rather amazed. 


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