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end of the semester...

At the beginning of the semester, I was on the Dickinsonian side of the spectrum.  Although, when someone I knew died, I often thought about their death through the Descartian prospective.  Now that we are at the end of the semester, I still am a believer in the Dickinsonian side, however, I still enjoy the comfort that the Descartian theory brings, as I never really want to think about anyone I know rotting away in the ground with not account for their spirit.  

The conversation that has changed my understanding of the brain and how we function was definitely the I-function.  I never realized that there was actually a part of the brain making very conscious decisions.  I still am not sure if the I-function is really limited to humans... as I eluded to in my paper about the possibility of lobsters having I-functions.  However, the concept of the I-function has allowed me to understand paralysis in a way I never thought possible.  The concept that cords between the I-function and the limb being cut and prohibiting conscious use of that limb, but the limb still moving as a reaction to external stimulus is amazing to me.  I will never forget about the amazing powers of the I-function!

1) I would like to see neurobiologists pursue the treatment of mental retardation... which has already started!!!

2) Cure/ treatment for alzheimer's disease

3) Better treatments for schizophrenia... without using metals that dull the patients reactions so much


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