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Neurobiology and Behavior, Week 14: Reflections

Welcome to the on-line forum associated with the Biology 202 at Bryn Mawr College. Its a way to keep conversations going between course meetings, and to do so in a way that makes our conversations available to other who may in turn have interesting thoughts to contribute to them. Leave whatever thoughts in progress you think might be useful to others, see what other people are thinking, and add thoughts that that in turn generates in you.

This week, please think back our semester together and our shared task of helping each other and others make sense of existing and anticipated implications of research on the brain.  Along these lines:

  • Where were you on the Descartian/Dickinsonian spectrum when the semester started and where are you now?
  • What ideas/conversations/understandings/issues/contentions from this semester do you think will most stick in your mind?  are most important for others to be aware of?
  • What three questions related to brain and behavior would you most like to see pursued in the next few years? 



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