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Eating our cake and analyzing it too

...what is really intriguing me about this project is the way is it taking seriously the notion of interpretation, by

  • reading a recipe and making the cake (thereby making the interpretation material/REAL); then
  • changing the recipe and making a different cake (thereby experimenting w/ a  range of possible interpretations, and w/ what counts as "adaptation");
  • inviting judgments (which version is "best"? what are the standards for evaluation here?);
  • testing the genre of the recipe--what are its features? what are its limits? what makes it "work"?
  • expanding the definition of what counts as literature;
  • making me think some more about parody: is this exercise parodic, or....?

Plus I love eating the cake. On Thursday, I found the "interpreted" (i.e. hazelnut) version far superior to the original, which was, I thought, too strongly almond flavored. The revised version was more subtle in taste. Yummier.


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