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Something wrong with my vision?

It makes sense now that our eyes have special cones and rods that transition the eyes from light to dark.  Thinking about my eyesight, I think I have some type of defect with transitioning between light to dark.  With most people, their eyes adapt within a few minutes from light to dark.  However, I think my eyes never really adapt.  When I am at the movies, I can't see at all and struggle getting myself a seat because I can't see where the empty seats are and when I do find a seat I can't see the difference between people sitting in the spot or where peoples feet are because I just see pitched black.  When I have to get up I have to look for the orange/red lights to the side of the isles because I can't see anything in front of me.  Also, when I am in a car at night I can't see anything that is going on outside of the car, my eyes just see pitched black.  I get scared when I am on the train at night and the conductor doesn't announce the next stop because I can't see what we are driving by. Also, I can't drive at night because the lights from the other cars blind me and because I already can't see what is happening outside of the car, the lights coming towards me make it worse.  Is this something common for most people or not? 


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