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Our eyes are like mini-cameras

I thought Thursdays class on our vision was really interesting.  I learned somewhere before that what we saw is upside-down or something like that and our brain sees it right-side-up.  I always thought of vision as an image going in through my pupils and bouncing back like a mirror somehow into my brain.  Apparently, we do have some type of "mirror" like function in the eye, but to me now vision works more like a camera taking snapshots of what it sees.  Now it makes sense to me why when I look into someone's eyes that is looking at me, their eyes are moving rapidly side to side up and down all over the place but still are looking at me just like I am looking at them.  Also, I thought it was interesting learning about nearsighted and farsighted vision.  I am nearsighted and wear glasses to see far away.  What I have noticed is that when I am not wearing my glasses I squint my eyes a lot, I guess now it makes sense that I do that because I am trying to focus my vision on the item I want to look at clearer.  It fascinates me how our eyes are able to adjust to wearing contacts.  The eye doesn't feel the contact in the eye and the eye uses the contacts exactly like it does regular glasses, most of the time I forget I have contacts on until they start to get dry and my eyesight starts getting blurrier.  How don't contacts get dry sooner, or move out of place more often, since our eyes are moving around so much and we are blinking all the time?



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