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           Talking about

           Talking about vision and how the brain and the eye are used to show us what the brain believes the world is like, it made me think of the comment that it is hard to compare or make a determinate idea about how people react and see certain things. I have always wanted to look at something through someone else's eyes. Every time I'm in the car and seeing other people on the road with me I always wonder where their destination is? Why they're on the road? And what they are looking at, seeing, analyzing? If I was able to experience what they were seeing I would see what their brain is telling them is in their site, the guesses of the brain. The brain lying to you explains why you may believe that you are seeing things. Like after watching a scary movie I always think that the shadows are moving or that there is some creepy monster behind me. It is my brain lying to me due to seeing the movie and thinking that there could be something behind me. Is this the same for hearing? Is hearing something also a part of the brain lying to you or making guesses about the noise?

           What I also thought was interesting was that your retina is only telling the brain the boundaries of objects or the change in light intensities and with a checkerboard both black and white chips are seen as the same shade because they have the same light intensities. I'm hoping the talk about color will clear some things. Because I thought that we used the visible light and take in what is reflected back as a color to get an image, that color and light intensity went hand in hand. I guess light intensity helps with boundaries and color will come in to fill in the blanks.


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