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Down the Rabbit Hole, and not figuratively

For all of our abstractions, have we truly been able to face up to the implications of our human category making? What happens when the mind can no longer handle the constructed universe, and the whole illusion simply comes undone? Psychedelic drugs have the power to do this, and not just figuratively. I've taken LSD before, but perhaps being in a different psychological or philosophical place I find that I am now winding deep down into the rabbit hole. I feel an incredible disconnect with all the "signifiers" I before took for granted. Everything has come apart, the whole construction of ego and community and law and meaning unwind themselves for the human inventions they are. How can one come back from this realization when not merely intellectually understood but also psychologically enforced? How can one live such an inversion of reality? I find I cannot separate what I have come to think about in this class from my now, lived, experience of the arbitrary nature of every category that humanity has ever and will make. Is there a way out of the rabbit hole, or does it actually go on endlessly and we just think we get out but actually enter into one rabbit hole after the next? I am personally terrified that it is the latter...and I wonder, am I alone in this realization?


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