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Central Pattern Generator

I have been thinking about this C.P.G concept and how it relates to the example in class on the crayfish and its swimmerets.  If in the end we conclude that the swimmeretts don't have much purpose in the daily activity of the crayfish, then why is this example useful to us.  I guess I keep thinking that in order for this C.P.G concept to be a valid theory to explain why things in the nervous system happen without inputs, I am trying to conceptualize in my head that any output that occurs has some meaningful purpose.  But then this also makes me think of tourette syndrom and its almost random jerking movements of the body.  Is C.P.G involved in making these jerking movements occur without the need of any apparent input that causes them.  Because it is an inherited gene, I thought of the example of the cricket song and how C.P.G affects why the crickets know this song and perhaps, with tourettes some part of the nervous system has an inherited jerking movement. Or am I just mixing up the two concepts?


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