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        It seems like we

        It seems like we moved into a pretty big seemingly empty space. The starting point are billions of neurons of different sizes and shapes that each function in the same way collected into discrete groups and connected to each other. Their outputs are specific activities. How their output are specific activities. How we get from the starting point to behavior will fill in the empty space. Central pattern generation and corollary discharge functional ways of organizing some neurons. In central pattern generation there seems to be a fairly fixed protocol for a set of neurons which produces a specific repetitive output such as the song of a cricket or contraction of an organ resulting in speech or locomotion. Depending on the input the input the output can be modified or shared. In corollary discharge neuron sets are organized to preserve a copy of actions for comparison purposes. Organization of neurons to produce specific activities helps fill in the space, but there are still a lot of activities to be explained such as consciousness, culture, reality, and purpose and meaning.


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