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 I like the whole notion of that there are groups of neurons that are central patterns and can lead to certain behaviors although it still seems difficult to figure where the central pattern is located since you can get the same function through different pathways. My thoughts go the horse cantering, trotting, etc, and how it's the same pattern just different communication. Since it's the same pattern if one neuron is taken out does the whole pattern fall apart or can the other neurons make up for the loss, keeping the pattern and making it so there is still a communication that can lead to the function or behavior that was connected to the neurons communication? Is there any support system for neurons in case something goes wrong or is there nothing that can be done? What about like when someone stops playing an instrument for a long time say 30 years or stops using some central pattern, can the neurons be re-wired or re-used for something else or do the neurons keep their function until at 30 years your still able to play the piano. Or how about when changing a behavior, like the term turning over a new leaf. Can you really erase that behavior or will it stay with you, just less pronounced? More questions to contemplate and figure out if there is an answer to them.


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