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Brain, brain, brain...

* I thought I posted a reaction, but can’t find it in here. So I’ve posted again.

Since this is mid-term, I want to write kind of a midterm reaction post. I was just amazed by how much is going on in our head and how much of them happen unconsciously. I’m the type of person who needs to know what’s going on around me, why it’s happening, and have control over them. However, as I learned about brain and behavior for 6~7 weeks now, I realize how much I don’t have control over my actions, behaviors, thoughts, etc. Also, it’s irony how brain works is so effortless (at least for people without disabilities), but understanding how that worked takes lots of effort to study and understand. After all, my brain knows all that. Otherwise, how would it have done those? But I don’t know how they happened! I need to learn how my brain worked by looking at other people’s brain activity or even other animals’. I could get really frustrated by this fact! But I will rather try to learn more and understand better. 



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