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Neuronal Signals


By studying neuronal signals we have learned about the complex inner working of the brain. It is very interesting to know they way in which the human nervous system works. The fact that our nervous system is controlled by chemical processes is a bit scary. I don’t like knowing that all of my actions are controlled by a semi-permeable membrane and a concentration gradient.  I find the idea that our reality is limited by the proteins that produce the permeability changes fascinating. There are so many things in the world that we cannot experience because we don’t have the proteins that produce permeability changes in their presence.

After learning about neuronal signals I started thinking about more human actions and how they are controlled by these signals. How do neuronal signals relate to thought and emotion? In terms of thinking, when a neuronal signal is propagated, is the output a sound, a word, or a sentence? How is thought created from neuronal signals?  In order to make sense of all of human behavior and experience, I think we need to explain how neuronal signals relate to emotion, thought, and other complex human actions.



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