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I question the I-function

 So after class I feel like many people have different interpretations of what the I-function is. When people comment on the I-function some say it is the sense of being self-aware, or the ability to question one's existence, or the ability of the mind to be separate from the nervous system. I do not know what I believe. Not that there is one definition of course. 

I was wondering if there are any disorders where the action potential doesn't propagate in the appropriate direction?

It is interesting how our senses makeup our "sense" if reality. Altering the senses alters one's sense of reality. 


How do we behave without the numerous inhibitory synapses? Would we be able to make decisions if we did not have inhibitory synapses? 

Would we be self aware if we didn't have these inhibitory synapses because being self aware would mean we are able to make decisions on how to behave?Furthermore, how much of this inhibition is influenced by environment(family, society, oneself)?



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