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From neuronal signals, we

From neuronal signals, we have learned that neurons are computers because they take in information, integrate and process the information and then passes on more information.  Therefore, the brain is made up of all these "computers" which dictate our behavior.  The term "computer" sounds very mechanical which makes me think that anyone with a mental disorder can be taken to a mechanic and be fixed immediately.  While we have learned the general basis of neuronal signals, I can't seem to tie it to behavior and the brain.  I feel that behaviors are subject to interpretation and everyone's brain interprets situations differently so how can we possibly have a reference point to start learning the connection between signals and behavior? We also discussed that more than half our synapses are inhibitory which leads me to believe that our "default" mode is to be expressing ourselves at all times.  So is it due to our inhibitory synapses, that we are able to contain our emotions or thoughts sometimes?  


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