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 I too was especially

 I too was especially intrigued by Geeky Mom's WoW Wednesday posts. Like spleenfiend I am not particularly interested in playing video games (I find it hard to sit still long enough to understand how the game works and am far too impatient to complete the various "levels"). I however, believe that a link plausibly exists between bloggers and video-gamers. If you think about it, it makes sense that someone who is interested in interacting and competing with individuals on the web through video games would also be interested in using the internet as a form of social connection. People who are avid gamers may think that blogs are the equivalent to video games, yet as opposed to sharing gaming tips and competing with people from across the world they want to share stories of their own lives.

It was interesting to read Geeky Mom's take on her son's interest in video games (and learning that time spent playing video games is only regulated if grades being to fall). For my family at least my brother's video game time was always limited because my parents believed he should be outside playing basketball, doing homework, or riding his bike. The idea of losing social connection (which I believe has been a fundamental discussion in our class) is nicely portrayed by Robert D. Putnam's "Bowling Alone: America's Declining Social Capital." I think that Putnam's description of a decline in social capital (the very idea that community is created by people gathering and connecting through face to face activities) would be even more interesting if it included the idea of blogging and video-games because while these still generate interaction they detract from the actuality of meeting face-to-face.

The question posed by spleenfiend and aseidman concerning the existence of a link between video games and blogs should be asked to Geeky Mom during her visit to class tomorrow. I believe hearing her interest in both blogging and video games may reveal certain aspects of interest that those of us who aren't involved in either area cannot think of.


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