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The gaming mentions were

The gaming mentions were interesting to me as well. I'm actually surprised that we're finding connections between blogging and video games. Blogging, as we've discussed in previous classes, is a very free and open ended writing process, generally unregulated and allowing of all sorts of loose ends. Gaming, particularly when it comes to video games, tends to be a very regulated, structured process, with, as mentioned by spleenfiend, specific tasks to complete in specific ways in order to reach a specific, pre-determined conclusion. Naturally I'd like to figure out why people who like one also seem to find the other appealing.


I think presenting yourself "positively" on the internet is in fact very important...actually I'm not sure how the class discussion got where it did last week. By "employers can see you on the internet," I did not mean "never post anything and stay away from technology eternally." Somehow I am starting to begin to feel that it may have been interpreted that way. Oops!

As to the names, they are adorable! However, I wish they did not all include the word "Geeky." Sometimes I have to read them twice to figure out exactly who it is who is being referred to. Perhaps if she diferentiated the names slightly, it'd be easier th skim...and then again, maybe she doesn't at all want to be skimmed Vladimir Nabokov had the same problem with his readers. He wanted to make it hard to understand his prose so that they would have to read every word...



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