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Thanks, teal, for the

Thanks, teal, for the interesting comment. I think that blogging has categories and that people put themselves into categories as readers when they approach a blog. For example, because my blog has "Mom" in the title, a lot of moms find their way there and then they don't like my gaming posts. They want "mom" posts, whatever that is. I had no idea, when I started blogging that the category of "Mommy Bloggers" would spring up and become "very" popular. And they almost exclusively write about the day to day life of being a mom, albeit in a irreverent and funny tone, but still. Most of the blogs I read are all over the place in terms of topics. I've been reading Tim's blog forever. Most of the blogs that end up with huge readerships have a very focused topic--motherhood, politics, food. I have too many interests to stay that focused. :)


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