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Blogs, transformation and genre

 While reading jo(e)'s post the most interesting thing to me were the responses as well. I thought that the point you brought up about transformation shattering our infrastructure is a good thing, as sgb90 argued. As I already discussed in recent posts and class discussions I am not a fan of the over-classification of everything and if the accessibility of blogs aids in "breaking down these barriers social classes are slowly but surely losing their definition and becoming unidentifiable, empty molds where only there name still remains." (teal) I agree with sgb90 that this is a good thing, though I'm still not sure how I feel about every aspect of blogs. 

In jo(e)'s post itself I found the topic of using blogs as a proof of scholarship interesting. I wonder what aspect of the blog would be a proof of scholarship. Is it the way in which the person writes? The 'quality' of the writing? Putting aside the discussion on whether blogs are a new genre, I was thinking about what guidelines blogs would have to follow if they were a genre. Poem's, novel's etc. all have characteristics that make them what they are. I found interesting halloweenlover's response to jo(e)'s post about how blogs aren't spell checked or proofread. This is very unusual for any genre in existence, that has been perfected. Blogs are very different in this sense. Since many bloggers aren't professional writers I can see how this would be the case, but at the same time if blogs are a new genre does this mean that poor grammar will become a characteristic? 


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