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I would definitely agree with your statement that "the genres one finds in a bookstore could not describe my taste at all." Which then got me thinking about the places/sections/"genres" I personally go to in bookstores, and I realized that while I don't usually enter the nonfiction sections (why?) I wander through pretty much everything else. If I have to, and I know exactly where a book is, I will run in and get it. But that's not what I find fun about shopping for books. When you enter a store, and move isle by isle, looking at the covers and titles and authors, that is the fun part. Defying the genre they have set up for you; turning to a friend and convincing them to read a book that they would never have picked up, because it is labeled "Science Fiction." And when they come to you after reading it and enjoying it, that's the fun part. Anyway, back to the point: I have fun being eclectic, and I will admit to attempting to impress bookstore employees by compiling the strangest combinations (to some eyes) of books I can. Why can't a person like reading a sci-fi book here and a Jane Austen novel there? And although it can be frustrating to see how much some people are restricted by the "genres of the bookstore," I find it fascinating to explore and twist.


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