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Dickinson and death

Was Dickinson actually a Dickinsonian?  Very interesting question, as per below.  Want to take a crack at it for a web paper? 

"I trust everybody recognizes that Dickensonionism reflects my story/summary of the observations that are Dickinson's poem, and that other stories/summaries of those observations are of course possible?  See Schmeltz for more along these lines." (Descartes et al vs Dickinson et al and other sundries)

"but when we die, when our brains seize to function, do all the thoughts and garbage that we stored up there go too?" is another very interesting question. How about the following .... 

"the fact that "self-identity" is material needn't be understood to mean that it ceases to exist with the dissolution of a particular material entity" (Sense of personal identity: whence cometh? and where goeth?)


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