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Complexity of the Brain

 One of the quotes we had briefly discussed that explained our mental life was the result of the activity of the “specks of jelly in your head, in your brain” was an idea I had never really thought about until this week in class. This quote happened to be one of the more interesting ones to me because it is in fact fascinating to think that so many memories, languages, emotions, and general thoughts are able to be stored inside a relatively small organ.   Even though it is a relatively small object, the brain’s capabilities are endless and much more complex than any computer we know of. The brain has given us the ability to recall certain childhood memories that occurred decades ago, differentiate between thousands of objects and living things, and think in very abstract ways. Another idea during class that I also found very interesting was the idea that the brain is a tangible and material object, but it is capable of producing emotions, which can’t be physically touched or measured.   What is even more intriguing is that so much has been discovered about the  brain, yet so many aspects of the mental life remain a mystery.   Even though we still have so much to learn about the brain, there is still a possibility that the brain may never be fully understood.  

 In terms of the adjectives of the word “science” we were to come up with during class, it was amusing to see the different words students would use to describe science. I also thought that the word “limited” was very interesting to use like ifrontino because personally I hadn’t seen science as limited, but quite the opposite because of the many advances and discoveries science has made, whether it is on land or out in the solar system.  


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