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Our discussion on objectivity and subjectivity was interesting and it is reasonable to question the idea of being able to find "what is out there" or an objective "truth" considering what we experience and perceive is effectively a construct of our own brain. My main question/comment would be: does it really matter that there is no way for us to objectively see and interpret the world or that there is no way for us to objectively determine some "truth about everything"? Society has managed to accomplish pretty incredible feats from manipulating chemicals to create cures for diseases, to building enormous skyscrapers, to sending people to the moon and back. So, even though we are confined by the constructions of our brains, our society/brains have done a pretty good job of constructing systems- like math, physics, and chemistry, to help us work and grow in this world we live in.

Perhaps claiming that we will never be able to understand or know anything "objective" or find an "objective truth" is not all that valuable because we are still capable of finding "truths" within the society our brains have "constructed". Maybe instead we should focus on finding/determining how our brains develop these constructs and therefore develop a better understanding of how powerful the brain is- maybe that's where the truth "about everything" is?

So I tried to put together a blind spot chart with a random assortment of colors- whatever was easily "clickable" in MS paint. I'm not sure exactly how this will work for the blind spot test considering when i tried to do it i just got a headache. If anyone one wants to try looking at it and saying what color they see in their blind spot that would be cool.


Multi Color Blind Spot


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