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Why should subjective truth ALWAYS win from objective truth?

Am I mistaken, or is that title taken from (the students of) George Herbert Mead's "Mind, brain and society"? Like Rorty, Mead is known as a pragmatist, not claiming truth (not valueing objective truth either). Perhaps it is better to call them and those referring to them phenomenologists, just dealing with the "definition of the situation" but not with the situation itself. Then what about situatedness of man as a factor òther than by his own understanding? Does objective observation not count any longer? Man supposedly is reflecting in his mind the unconscious and fabulates it consciously into stories. Then what about truth-content increase (instead of wrongness-decrease) sanctioned by nature, conditioning and evolution? Can subjective truth KEEP distorting that into myths and fairy tales? Apparently it can, but I don't buy it.


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