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Here: is a great opportunity for all teachers- and it's free


Bucket Brigade Introduction Do you want to know how to find out what you are breathing and if there is a link between pollution and health problems? The "Bucket Brigade" is a simple, but effective, tool that dozens of communities are using to find out for themselves what chemicals are in the air. Armed with their own data and information about the health effects of chemicals, these communities are winning impressive reductions of pollution, safety improvements and increasing enforcement of environmental laws. Photo of Bucket Device The "Bucket Brigade" is named for a easy to use air sampling device housed inside a 5 gallon plastic bucket. The "Bucket" was developed in Northern California in 1995 by an environmental engineering firm in order to simplify and reduce the costs of widely accepted methods used for testing toxic gases in the air. Denny Larson, formed the Global Community Monitor in 2002, helped to develop the buckets and has worked with many communities on establishing successful air testing programs. The Global Community Monitor can help your community start a Bucket Brigade to find out what you are breathing and fight back for clean air. Home » Take Action » Volunteer Volunteer VOLUNTEER NOW. Here's how you can help.. Volunteers are needed to do web, research, writing, fundraising and investigative work. We have partners in 17 countries in and many US States that need assistnace with their campaigns for justice and a clean environment. Please contact our office at to inquire about volunteer opportunities.


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