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Bio 103

I have really enjoyed this course. It has me thinking about biology and other sciences in a whole new light. I loved how we ended the course, with the observation that "biology influences everything but doesn't determine anything." It was a conclusion I felt that I had been heading towards in a couple of my web papers, so it made a lot of sense to me. I would recommend this course to anyone with an open mind - it opens your mind further.

Three questions I would like to explore further: 

- How does environment or culture affect the study of biology? This is something I look into a bit in my book report.

- What role does gender play in the manifestation of mental illness? (this is something I looked into a bit in my last two web papers: why are men more prone to going on rampages; why are women more prone to having anxiety disorders like BFRDs?)

- How can we work to prevent severe congenital anomalies from occurring?


Thanks for a great semester, everyone!


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