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Last Week (Final Thoughts)

I have really enjoyed this course very much! It has made me less "scared" about biology and learning it/applying it more in my education. This semester has been a search for the answer to life and we have had quite a few interesting conversations regarding this idea. Taking this class along with a Philosophy of Religion course has made making sense of life difficult but yet easier to take in. In Bio I definitely felt more comfortable with the topic and less confused but the actual scientific terms did confuse me at times. Regardless of this  I have become more comfortable with this idea that was discussed in the last class; the idea of biology and culture. I really never thought that the too intertwined. The idea that genes interact with almost anything and that this then has a big impact on biology which has an even bigger impact on our cultures which humans lead their lives around. It was discussed during class that life experiences (culture) affect genes which affects the individuals body. This makes total sense especially when one applies it to the idea of nature vs. nurture. Yet the main message one must stick with (which has certainly stuck with me) is that science is always changing and one must continue to observe these changes and apply them to everyday life such as our cultures and one will come to understand how and why biology influences certain things in the world instead of completely determing it which makes a big difference/ point when trying to make sense of life. Thank you Professor Grobstein and Wil for a wonderful semester full of inquiries and laughter! Happy Holidays everyone...


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