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Testing the theory of non-testing

Monday's discussion was really interesting to me. Basically, I've been seeing science as (T)ruth for quite some time now. This class has given me an interesting perspective on science and seeing it as a work in progress, but when studying come out, or I'm told facts about our universe, I tend to believe them. Yes, I think that we'll always have more to discover, and that some things that we might value as "true" now will be proven to be false later. However, for right now, in order to keep me sane, I follow what the doctor orders, and believe what is told to me, unless I am given a large amount of proof to doubt it.

Which is why these articles on testing confused me so much. I don't know if I buy it! All these studies and articles and proof telling me something and I haven't decided if I'm going to believe it. Science! Facts! And now I'm doubtful!

We've been told the exact opposite all our lives. We've been told time and time again that we should get tested, and when we're not busy getting tested we should test ourselves. But now we're being told the opposite. Don't get tested, it doesn't help. What?? That doesn't even make sense. What about the 1 in whatever who it didn't save? That woman died because she didn't get tested. That's worth it enough to me. And what about the missing stat which someone in class was talking about. How many women had cancer but were just in treatment. How can we say that they maybe wouldn't have been better off if they had tested earlier. And don't test ourselves! That simply sounds like the health care industry (yes, industry) is trying to save money on over-reacting women or men who feel lumps. Well what if we're right? I think the money is worth it.

Basically I just don't buy it. I want more stats, more facts, more studies. And while I'm waiting I'm getting tested!


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