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Music, Teaxting, and our Reaction

For this lab we were experimenting our reaction to an outside force ("poking stick") and how this could be affected by another outside force (music and texting). Our hypothesis was that with increased outside forces the amount of reaction time would increase meaning it would take longer for us to react with comparison to our base. I (Paoli) would listen to music while Laura was texting. Our hypothesis was correct because while we were attempting to concentrate on the main outside force it was difficult to pay attention. For Laura it was more difficult since both of her outside forces dealt with her hand and her reaction was negatively influenced. Thus, the muscles were not given enough time to react and got confused in Lauras case since the sensory neurons were concentrating on two different forces. In my case, Laura would pause in between the outside force ("poking stick") I would get distracted with the music and forget that she was poking me! My muscles did not react at all at times since I was not concentrating and the sensory neurons were functioning towards the other outside force (music).


  Latency 1 latency 2 total latency
paoli 108 179 287
laura 105 150 255
paoli 168 37 205
paoli 582 65 647
paoli 229 60 289
average 326.3333 54 380.3333333
laura 326 23 349
laura 328 41 369
laura 169 58 227
average 274.3333 40.66667 315


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