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Representation is as important as the outcome!

There's definitely a limit to the extent which a vote can influence the outcome--it wouldn't matter if I voted for the Democrats in Texas because the majority favors the Republicans. However, I think voting represents a bit more than that. By voting, I would get to reflect on my beliefs and clarify in what kind of ideas I believe in. Maybe the outcome wouldn't be influenced by my vote so much, but I would definitely benefit from the process of making decisions, which makes voting worthwhile in my point of view. Secondly, even if the outcome isn't what I wanted it to be, I would represent the percentage of people who voted the same as I did. It would be tragic if everyone in Texas voted for the Republicans (sorry for using Texas as an example) just because they think they know what the result will be--it wouldn't give the Republicans a chance to wonder about why some people would vote for the Democrats! I think representing the minority is important for this reason, even if the outcome may favor the majority. Voting shows people how many of other people in this country believe in certain ideals.


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