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three little birds

After looking at some of the responses other people wrote, I am suprised at how many people feel that choices do matter and not just that but they matter a great deal. the choices like whether to eat breakfast today or what to wear affect us on a daily basis. the sentimentalist in me would agree with dumbledore the choices we make shape us into the people we will become (I think that is the jist of what he was saying). in rhetrospect my "no worries" attitude should be altered, although I still feel that in the grand schem of things our personal decisions dont matter, but when those decisions start to  affect others there is a problem. The  decision to litter, to drive instead of walk , decision to  cut down rain forests, and to fight wars for no reason, decision to kill and rape others, or to drink and drive, these decisions all matter to us all because they affect us all in the immediate and sometimes in the future. but for the list of other decisions we make homework, clothes, food ect habit and environment force us to think they matter but life is too short to get an ulcer from deciding between coke & diet coke.


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