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 Ahhhh of course it matters

 Ahhhh of course it matters what we choose! Every choice we make has repercussions in some way -- whether they are big repercussions that affect us in the long term, or small repercussions that may only affect us for a day, or an hour, or even less. For example...eating an icecream vs. becoming vegetarian. Both are really different decisions but both will affect you in some way, albeit not on the same scale. Eating an icecream may affect you for a few hours (getting a sugar high or something) while becoming vegetarian is a whole lifestyle change that affects you in the long run (becoming conscious of what you're eating & making sure that you get all the vitamins (ex: iron) you need). I guess you would only NOT care if you didn't care what happens to you.. (but no one really DOESN'T care about their well being, aren't we programmed to be generally selfish and look our for our own needs?). I think we need to care to different degrees about the choices we make -- small trivial choices require very little investment, while big choices that affect us in the long run require more investment. idk :)


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