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Choice and Change

This question first made me think of all those TV shows that show how simple changes in how people choose to do something significantly change how their day (or, even life) turns out. Each choice we make leads to a consequence and because of that, even the smallest decisions can have an effect on all aspects of our life. At the same time, this makes it seem as if we all life in very self-absorbed worlds in which we think that all of our actions are going to change the course of human history. Yes, there are some choices that are more important than others, but often there are certain choices that you make in life that you first think will have little impact that soon after you learn will have a greater impact. Like, when you decide what eat you may think it is of little consequence, but hours later when you feel sick, you might regret eating that piece of food that didnt look so fresh. Back to television. While I always love watching the shows that show how simple changes could change the course of our days, at the same time I think they are slightly unrealistic because there is no way that we could say "if only I did this, then my life would be so much better" because there is no way of knowing whether the long term consequence will be much better. Or, it could be that the short term consequence is positive and the long term is not, or vice versa. That being said, I dont think that I will stop enjoying such shows anytime soon.


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