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It matters, but not always....

 How could it be if all of our choice didn’t really matter? It would be horrible. People would be reluctant to think and have no incentive to move because no matter what they choose, the result is always the same. So, what we choose does matter. However, after giving it a second thought, people would find that we, in many cases, are powerless before choices. We can never choose the choice offered to us, which always seem to be more powerful than the decisions we make. Choosing a college, for instance, is not entirely our choice. It is somehow a mutual choice: the college chooses the students it wants and we choose the college we like most among those offer us admissions. Therefore, we do not have absolute freedom to choose whatever college we like most. Moreover, the environment also matters. More often than not, we are greatly influenced by the people around us, though sometimes we are unconscious of it. In a word, though our choice does matter, we do not always have absolute control of it.



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