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To Choose or Not to Choose

 I think that it does matter what you choose.  When I think about it, I make choices almost every second of every day and I think everyone else does too.  What to wear? What to eat? When to sleep? And then there are the smaller things- what I am typing right now-choosing what words and how to explain my opinions.  I think that because we are constantly making decisions, most people would probably feel that not every choice matters, especially long term, but most of the time, each choice leads to another and a different result, so even the seemingly most insignificant ones do take some effect.  

When people ask me what made me pick Bryn Mawr, I can list off the obvious/ big reasons in a snap, but when I really think about it, my decision was built on choices I'd been making for years.  I probably made over 1000 small decisions that lead me to choose Bryn Mawr.  I'm not saying that I can list every single one right now because to be honest I don't think I even know half of the small decisions I made that lead me to where I am now.  Somewhere inside me the effects of those choices I've made over the years remain and when it comes time to make big decisions they bond together and give me that "gut feeling" of what to do.  Like I was saying before, I think that every choice leads to another and therefore they all do matter in some way.  

I think that when it comes to deciding what is "right" and making the "best" choice, it really depends on the person.  From my experience I have learned that everything is more about how one reacts to a choice and what happens after making a decision. I don't think every choice I've made has necessarily been "good" or smart, but no one makes only "good" choices because in order to make "good" choices, one needs to make "bad" ones first in order to learn what a "good" choice really is.



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