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 Yes, the choices we make

 Yes, the choices we make always matter.  This does not mean that every choice we make will change our lives, but even small choices add up and can change an aspect of our lives.  The statement, “It didn’t matter what she chose” can be better understood when put in context.  The next sentence is: “The world was what it was, a place with its own rules of hunger and satisfaction.”  At this moment Deanna was feeling helpless.  She felt that no matter what she chose the outcome would be the same, because the world had it’s own plan and she was too small to change that.  Sometimes this is the case, but I believe that more often the opposite is true.  We always have a choice and what we choose can greatly affect the world, especially if you add up everyone’s choices.  The last line of the book stayed with me: “Every choice is a world made new for the chosen.”  I agree that every choice we make creates a new world.  Think about how many choices are made every day by everyone in the world, and imagine how many potential worlds there are that are never realized and the ones that are chosen and lived. 


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