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Choices are Contagious

          The overwhelming amount of choices that we have are extremely important because it gives us the ability to control our personal happiness. In a world full of uncertainties, bad things can happen unexpectedly.   How we choose to react to unexpected situations, however, leads to different outlooks on life.  If we choose to stay positive, our overall quality of life can be improved.  Even when there is not choice in a certain situation, we can choose to approach it so that in the end it gives us a positive life experience.

            What people choose not only immediately effect themselves, but also others.  For example, my choice to go to Bryn Mawr has had a significant impact on my life.  But what about my roommate’s life?  If I hadn’t chosen to go to Bryn Mawr, her year would be completely different.  Her social interactions and outlook on her first year of college would be completely different with a different roommate.  It would also impact her interactions with others as well, leading to a chain reaction.  Even small choices to turn off the light in a room not in use can make a huge impact when these choices become contagious.  If the population begins to make choices collectively, they result in a global impact.


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