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Matters? Choice?

 There are some really important things that come with having the ability to choose. We choose our elected officials. We choose our life partner. We choose our career that makes us most effective in accomplishing what we care about. Without choice in these three categories and many more it does matter simply because it effects not only how we live our lives, but how others live theirs. Those are long lasting decisions whose effects will be seen for days, months, years to come. Because of their long lasting significance, they matter. What doesn't matter nearly as much is the every day decisions we make about food, clothing, etc. They only begin to matter when we begin to think about their long lasting consequences on our lives. For instance, if we have an eating disorder of course it matters what we eat. It matters that we choose something that can help us maintain our health. If we want to make a lasting impression on our boss at our first day of work of course it matters what we wear - people judge on first impressions. Those are rare occurances, however, and we cannot care about all of them too much. We must find a balance. Choice is a virtue, it is something we are luck to get. But it is also something that is necessary to live the comfortable lives we expect. And I think it is a great privledge that we have that power over our own lives. 


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