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Scaling Pesepctives

I agree about finding similarities. Humans strive to gain multiple perspectives through scaling things for the purpose of finding similarities. Even if similarity does not exist the human mind requires a method or concept to grasp. This is necessary in order to teach a concept to others. If you can not explain something it is difficult to teach and proves even harder for another person to comprehend. It's our human curiosity to understand that has produced the understanding we have now and this knowledge will foster additional understanding in the future.

People bother to scale because we are aware of our own biases and such that limit a person from seeing "the big picture." When you really think about all the things that shape one person's outlook on life the influences become endless. From this you can get a true glimpse of how much possibility exists for seeing something in various perspectives. These discoveries lead to new insights in various disciplines that can lead to the discovery of new ways to scale something.


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