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sophie, jesse and keshia

Our group observed the reaction rate of enzymes at different PH levels. Our observations were as follows:

PH 2.0:
1)    51
2)    59
3)    57
PH 7.4:
1)    23
2)    27
3)    20
PH  10:
1)    21
2)    24
3)    23

We came to the conclusion that enzymes function better in less abrasive environments, as it took far longer for the filter to rise when it was placed in something highly acidic, as opposed to the neutral and low-acid content beakers.
However we also believe that because the difference between the first and second PH levels was much more significant than the difference between the second and third PH level the results do not show the extent to which enzyme reaction rate would fall in a very base ph solution.


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