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Very Intriguing

Skindeep, I have to say I agree with what you say here. I found myself also questioning the idea of a vortex and thus the intrusion of one's private dreams. I think when you say "...your subconscious is intangible, and alive. more alive then we ever believe it to be. and it is, in my opinion floating, almost like a cloud, engulfing you on all sides. in it, it holds all your background thoughts, suppressed emotions and character traits. so its no surprise that it becomes more apparent to us, in our dreams.", you capture that idea of fear in people; this fear, that others will "find out" one's deepest darkest secrets, that may not necessarily want to be found. I don't agree that your dreams can be your haven, however for there are such things as nightmares, but dreaming in the sense that it's only your dream, really does give one security in knowing that no one can use it against them. If a vortex should happen to exist, our dreams wouldn't be OUR dreams anymore. There would be no difference between what we believe reality to be and the dream world. Nightmares would engulf us and fears would have to be confronted at a risk.


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