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I really loved the graphic novel that we read and the article, very refreshing reading i would say. I think it was great that Neil Gaiman encorporated queerness into his dream world. I recently came across a definition of queer that I found interesting. "reclaim queerness as a radical expression of individuality. If you are not queer identified we encourage you to claim queerness for yourself, thus approaching life from a nonconformist, outsider perspective which contains a huge amount of power in the homogeneity of American mass society. You don't have to be gay or gender variant to be queer, all that is required is a rejection of that which is offered up as "normal" in America." from

I think that the Sandman shows a great representation of this idea, every character, image, emotion, idea... is queer. I think the book itself is an expression of queerness. Great stuff.

I came across some interesting links online about the Radial Queer Movement. Pretty interesting topic and there are lots of cool atricles on the blogs.


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