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 When I heard we were doing

 When I heard we were doing The Sandman for this course, I initially assumed the volume Prof Dalke would choose would be "A Game of You", which is a very blatantly feminine stand-alone piece focusing on the Barbie character from "Doll's House", as well as a witch, a transsexual woman, and a lesbian couple expecting a child. However, in retrospect, I think that would have been a little too obvious...I know that personally, it wouldn't have challenged me that much in terms of thinking critically because the themes were so blatantly laid out, as compared to the way they were in "Doll's House", where most of the class had trouble reconciling the text with critical gen/sex thinking. I also think it was an oversight on my part to assume that the text needed to be mainly/only focused on feminine experience, rather than experiences of males and females together or those outside the gender binary - sort of like what we talked about on the first day of class. 


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