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Personal Perceptions and Dreams

Anne mentioned in class that her discussion group talked about whether the reader's imagination is stunted when words are used along side with images such as in a graphic novel. This interested me because I then started thinking about "The Doll's House" as a whole. While it is Neil Gaiman's story, it is not his completely. I say this because even though the ideas of the images are his, the actual images are not. The graphic novel was illustrated by five different people, all of whom, I'm sure, had their own personal take on the images from their own imagination. Even if the illustrators' images were representative of what Gaiman wanted, there is no way, without Gaiman drawing them himself, that they were exactly how he pictured it. I hope that makes sense... I think this also brings back the idea of how personal and fragile each persons' dreams are. The idea of a vortex is so horrifying because it takes away from a person able to just be: to just be in their dreams, imagination, creations, and themselves. I believe, no matter how much we might hate to admit it, we are never completely ourselves in the "waking world." We ARE a part of our surrounding world and it is a part of us, BUT in our dreams we our of our own world and no one can take that away from us, unless they are a vortex...


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